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Label sticker


What is label sticker?

Label stickers may be used to provide information about products such as nutrition facts on food products, warnings, instructions for use, advise, or advertising, packaging, name tags, shampoes, etc. label stickers are also utilized in bussiness for advertisement purposes such as branding marketing your product.

With printz.my you can get best quality label stickers with low price and you can also have professional services of best designers with more than 15 years of experience.

Top 4 ways label sticker can add value to your business

  •  Affordable:

Label stickers are the cheap and easiest way to add value to your products and to use them for marketing puposes. 

Label stickers come in very shapes, basic shapes such as square, round, oval, or even custom shapes. The price may be vary depending on the shape of the label sticker. printz.my offers label sticker in all types of shapes, prices starting from RM.27 and quantity 100. printz.my are the cheapest solution for your products stickers if you want to add value to your products. 

  •  Utilizing it in your bussiness:

you can utilize label stickers by applying them on your products. your label sticker may contaon information about your compnay, such as address of your company. phone numbers, company name, etc. this will do advertising of your product and brand.

  • Place them on any physical object:

Put these stickers on your physical objects to make them look quality object.

  • Never compromise on the quality of the sticker because it won’t give best impression on your business and the product. 





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